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Learn about Herbs

Whether we are heading into a new school year or into the cold & flu season or right smack in the middle of the holiday season, the question of preventing & treating viruses naturally becomes an important issue.

What is Angel Therapy?

It is said that in your next incarnation, your next angel will be a different one to accompany you. It is always our free choice whether we listen to our angel or not.

Salt Bath Recipes

Check out these recepies for salt baths for health and wellbeing

Spiritual Development

People often underestimate the power of their own personal thoughts. However, it is widely believed that the thoughts that we create with our minds eventually manifest themselves into reality.

Is romance in the palm of your hand?

Some people seem to be natural romantics, while others appear to be romantically challenged. To determine how romantic someone is, look at the height and quality of the Mount of Venus. If the mount is high and firm, the person is a true romantic.

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