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48hrs of madness

To celebrate our new updated website we are offering all students 50% off any course for the next 48hrs. Read more to get your code...

Starting a Career as an Alternative Therapist

Working as a therapist is a lot of peoples dream and if you want to start working for yourself then you may want to read about what therapies are actually considered alternative.

Understanding Spirituality

Have you ever felt an inner need to know more about what life is really about. In this extract from the psychic & Spiritual development course we look into exactly what is Spirituality and discuss mediumship and spirits

What is Angel Therapy

If you have considered using angel therapy as a means of healing you may want to know what is involved. Healing with angels is not just about contacting your angels and letting them do all the work, although there is no doubt that channelling and working through your guides is certainly one of the most highest forms of healing possible

Chakra Case Study

This is a Chakra and Aura case study and learn how to complete a full treatment

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