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First Aid Tips - Treating Burns

There are different ways of treating burns, depending on whether it is a minor burn or something more serious.

First Aid Tips - Treating Shock

Shock can have a variety of effects, but the most common cause of shock is blood loss caused by other fluid loss such as vomiting or severe burns

First Aid Tips - Treating Sprains & Strains

It is always handy to have some first aid tips at hand, after all you never know when you may be needed to help out in an emergency - we will be offering weekly first aid tips over the next few weeks, this week is how to deal with strains and spains..

5 Tips for life Coaches

If you want to become a life coach then there are 5 very simple tips to follow: -

Understanding Reiki

There are three grades of Reiki practitioner; levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 practitioners have learnt to a level where they can treat themselves, level 2 practitioners are able to give treatments to patients, and level 3 (a Reiki master) can teach Reiki.

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