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Fun with a Pendulum - Anyone can do it

Benefits of using a pendulum are that over time you will increase your ability to ‘hear’ your intuition and improve your general psychic ability.


Hundreds of different Tarot decks now exist. Decks that downplay or remove the Christian symbolism are increasingly popular, and some feminist decks significantly downplay the male dominant roles found in traditional decks. Some decks have discarded the suit system altogether and are structured around different themes - animals in a Native American inspired deck, for example.

Colour Magic

Colour can work magic when you discover how each one affects your energy. In feng shui, there are colours that embody the kind of energy most appropriate to a room's specific purpose, as well as ones that represent different life aspirations. Gold is regal. Red is fiery. Pink opens your heart. Green is wonderful for a living room since it is a healing colour and is easy on the eyes.

A course in Tarot

The tarot is used to give guidance and enlightenment to the reader or questioner and can offer much comfort and support

Life After Death

There comes a time in all our lives when we are suddenly confronted with death in such a way that we cannot ignore it any longer. And so, we will ask ourselves then, "Will I live on after this life?"

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