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How to see your Aura

The aura is generally recognized as having seven layers. The outer auric layers are concerned with the soul and spirit while the inner layers relate to the mind, emotions and health.

Advanced Aromatherapy Case Study

Case study of full body massage


By the Middle Ages, sets of stones were matched up with the angels and archangels of the Bible and the signs of the zodiac. In 18th century Poland, single stone amulets for each month of the year were made to be worn as a folk remedy for diseases

Dream Interpretation

Although you probably dream every night, it may seem like you seldom remember dreams after waking up. With practice, however, you can reclaim this important skill and use dream interpretation to develop new insights into your daily life.

Understanding Chakras

Crown chakra: The crown chakra is said to represent the pinnacle of spiritual awareness, or connection to the divine. It is symbolized as a violet or white lotus with a thousand petals and its associated element is space or thought.

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