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Learn to Meditate

Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine. Most of us have probably dabbled in meditation by participating in conscious relaxation – perhaps during an exercise class or to manage pain at the dentist or anxiety before a test. We start by paying attention to our breathing.

Pamistry and Psychics

It is true however that the art of reading palms goes back many years and have been found in caves where there have been many decorated hand-prints and scripts relating to palmistry found in both Europe, India and China.

Frankincense & Myrrh

At this time of year we hear a lot about these sacred scents but what exactly are they used for and why where they even offered to Jesus in the first place?


Why is today so special? here are just a few reasons and find out why the number 12 is so relevant.

A message for lightworkers

This article is to be shared with all lightworkers and has an important message about how to manifest more positive energies into our atmosphere for the good of all.

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