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Full Moon - Madness or Enlightenment

What exactly is a full moon and why is there so much talk of madness when one occurs. Why is the full moon tonight so special?

Heart Attack Survival Tip

when you are on your own learn how you can help yourself if you think you are having a heart attack

First Aid Tips - Treating Burns

There are different ways of treating burns, depending on whether it is a minor burn or something more serious.

First Aid Tips - Treating Shock

Shock can have a variety of effects, but the most common cause of shock is blood loss caused by other fluid loss such as vomiting or severe burns

First Aid Tips - Treating Sprains & Strains

It is always handy to have some first aid tips at hand, after all you never know when you may be needed to help out in an emergency - we will be offering weekly first aid tips over the next few weeks, this week is how to deal with strains and spains..

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