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Treatment Cards

When you are offering any client a treatment, either holistic or alternative it is important to complete a treatment card. Here is an example of a sample treatment card that you can use

How to control your Appetite

Remember, your body works at the highest performance if you feed it right. Your body can do amazing things when it gets proper nutrition. No one would go for appetite suppressant diet pills if they know how easy it is to control calorie intake by almost 50% and lose weight safely.

About Hopi Ear Candling

Most people think of earwax as being of little or no use and function to the human body, when we feel that there is an excess, the first step is to try to remove it, often in a potentially damaging way by inserting a cotton bud! The truth is that earwax does have its uses and serves a purpose.

Courses for the Holistic Therapist

A list of courses to choose from for anyone wanting to train as a professional holistic therapist

August Offers

Check out some amazing course offers during august...

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