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Well, it seems to be the time of year when most of us are in full-on hibernation mode (well, at least I now that's how my body was feeling!). We tend to hunker down and while we wait for those first few amazing days of spring. For many, the quiet time that we experience over winter is accompanied by a lack of motivation or a nasty case of the winter blues.

Advanced Angel Therapy

our latest new course in Advanced Angel therapy is finally here, take a look to see just what this entails.

The Etheral Body

This resembles the phyical body in shape and dimension

Basic Aromatherapy Case Study

Read a full case study of a treatment offered during a basic aromatherapy treatment

What is Love?

Scientifically speaking, how does it transform our lives? Why is it so difficult to exercise and understand? How does it physically apply to human life? Why do we all constantly crave it?

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