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Posted on: 2013-10-08 12:45:39


Case study of: Male aged 44yrs

Date: 3rd October 2013 (date treatment was done)

Time started: 18:00hrs                             Time finished:19:15hrs

Details of treatment:



I set up my treatment room in my usual way – incense lit, soft lighting, couch made up with towels, sheet and couch roll, soothing music (royalty free!) playing in the background.

I also switched on the heating prior to client arriving, as it was a tad chilly and raining outside.

I had on my clean, pressed uniform, and had my bowl with hot water ready for washing my hands before engaging in the treatment. I wear no jewellery, but do have a fob watch on my tunic, and my AOR badge.  My hair is held back with a scrunchie, and I look neat, tidy and professional.  I have no overwhelming perfume on.

I already own a Hot Stone Set, and this had been cleansed and pre-seasoned, warmed ready for my client.



Client filled out treatment card, and requested no facial massage, which we agreed.

He signed the card, and acknowledged that he understood the coming treatment.

I gave him an after care sheet, and explained that he would need to drink lots of water, to avoid tea/coffee/alcohol, and not to exert himself immediately after treatment, but preferably relax for 24 hrs if at all possible.

He switched off his mobile phone, removed his wedding ring which was placed in a bowl where he could see it, along with his wallet, spectacles and Labradorite necklace which he was wearing. I put them where he could see them.



I asked him to remove his clothes, down to his underwear, which he did, whilst I washed my hands.


I then led him to the couch, where he was made comfortable, and towel draped.  

We commenced with 3 deep breaths, client prone on couch.

I used Cedarwood  in sweet almond oil on this client.

I began by checking the temperature of the biggest stones, which I used as placement stones initially. They were wrapped in a towel, on his lower back and both shoulders, as he had previously stated that he was suffering from a bad back/shoulder ache.

After removing the placement stones, I spread the oil with warmed hands over back, shoulders and neck. Then, x3, effleuraged top, mid and lower back. Checked pressure with client, who said it was fine.

Kneading to lower back, and finger rolling the base/top of glutes.

Finger swirls up each side of the spine, using circular movements along the muscles of the spine.

Then, I chose a nicely formed stone, which sat nicely in my hand, and used it to work the muscles each side of the spine. Palmer kneading, and then worked with the side of a stone, the lumbar area.  This was particularly tight, and so I worked slowly, so the heat of the stones would help and make the massage deeper, and release the tight muscles.

Whilst using the stones, I frequently flipped them over, to ensure a balanced heat.  This took a bit of getting used to, but it did eventually become a flowing massage.  Working on the Scapula, it became clear that both were knotty.  My trigger stone came into play here, and to be honest, it really saved my fingers!

 After some more Effleurage using the stones, I worked on the neck area – again, using slow movements.

 I knew the client was enjoying his treatment, as he was snoring (always a good sign!).

Although not part of this course, I did use some cupping, making sure to avoid thee spine.

I placed placement stones back in position whilst I worked the legs…

Worked legs, with a stone in each hand, using effleurage x 3, wringing to calf muscles, moving up each side and flipping over at the knee, then petrissage x 3 to upper thigh, and wringing.  This was completed on both legs.

I then asked the client to sit up, and turn over.  I laid out some stones in the butterfly position, with a clean pillowcase over them, and asked client to lay down on his back.  Used placement stones on stomach, whils working front of legs.  Again, using stones, used gliding movements up to knee, flipped over, and proceeded to upper thigh. Completed this 3 times, with wringing and the same with other leg.

Both feet were worked, and I took the liberty of placing stones between the toes whilst working the front of the legs.  Lots of rocking movements, and effleurage on both feet.  I used the trigger stone to work the sole of the foot, checking with client for pressure.

Both the arms were worked by effleuraging up to elbow, flipping over stone, and continuing to upper arm.  This was repeated three times, and then wringing and petrissage.

Neck and chest area were effleuraged with warmed hands, then using stones.  Neck, I used a smaller stone, and worked the muscles down each side, leading to the shoulder. Client commented that he liked this, and felt some relief from the pain he had been experiencing, so I did it several times more.

Used small stones to petrissage the pectoral muscles, x3 on both sides.

Client had previously asked for face to be left, I checked with him again, but he hadn’t changed his mind.

 I also worked, very gently, round the belly button in a clockwise direction, using hands only.

At the end of the treatment, I place my cupped hands over the client eyes, and ask them to take 3 deep breaths.

He opened his eyes, and I gave him time to ‘come to’ whilst I wrote down some notes. He then sat up.  I washed my hands, and offered a glass of water, which he accepted.

He got dressed, and gave some feedback.

Client said he felt very relaxed, and rather like a jellyfish. His shoulder pain had decreased, and lower back felt more pliable and not so stiff.

I reminded him of the after care advice, gave him his valuables, and said goodbye.


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