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E- Learning

Posted on: 2011-06-13 07:43:04
What is E-Learning

 E-learning is a wide term which defines as any type of computer enhanced learning atmosphere and n number of technologies have been employed in E-learning. Distance learning in some way has emerged from E-learning. It is a learning environment that is actually away from the traditional classroom and campus. And hence, through the mail type of educational programs came into existence. Though, E-learning and Distance learning is actually not exactly the same thing but computer has made distance learning stress-free and better. Physical separation of the student from the teacher and the actual class room is the basic thing that differentiates distance learning from E-learning. As more and more PC’s became available, the idea of online classes was discovered by some pioneering Colleges and Universities. The previous efforts at distance education were hindered by resistance from traditionalist within the education field. This resistance put early online degrees on inferior position to traditionally obtained degrees. When choosing between two kinds of equally qualified applicants, preference was shown to the person holding the traditional degree. But, in recent years this has changed radically. The enhancement in E-learning technology and the capability to create virtual classroom and a virtual learning environment (VLE) has progressively broken down the conflict. E-learning has got the following advantages

The Internet has offered rational solution for a company's education and training objectives. Nearly 80% of the professionals use computers on the job. Technical issues, such as access, principles, setup, and bandwidth, will definitely not be an issue within a few years.

 Significant savings as travelling expenses gets eliminated.

 Training proved to be reasonable when delivered through technology based solution with the elimination of high salaries for trainers and consultants. The biggest advantage of eLearning, is actually it eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place.

 Accessible in time and with timely information.

 Lessons and materials are instantly updatable across the entire network with the help of web products and hence this keeps content fresh and consistent and gives students immediate access to the most recent data.

 higher maintenance of content through customized learning.

 Technology-based elucidations allow more scope for individual differences in learning styles. They also offer a high level of reproduction that can be tailored to the learner's level of proficiency. With 24 hour access, people can learn at their own speed and review course material as often as required.

 Better association and interactivity among students.

 Electronic learning methods have offered more collaboration and interaction with experts as well as a higher success rate than the live alternative. Teaching and communication strategies which create an interactive online environment include case studies, story-telling, demonstrations, role-playing, simulations, streamed videos, online references, personalized coaching and mentoring, discussion groups, project teams, chat rooms, e-mail, bulletin boards, tips, tutorials, FAQs, and wizards.

 Online training is less threatening than instructor-oriented courses.

 Students taking an online course experience a risk-free environment in which they can try new ways and make mistakes without exposing themselves. This characteristic is particularly appreciated when trying to learn soft skills, such as leadership and decision making. A good learning program shows the significances of students' actions and here/why they went wrong. After a disappointment, students can go back and try again. This kind of learning experience removes the awkwardness of failure in front of a group.

 With all of these advantages of taking classes online, the future of E-learning is very bright, indeed and it is hard to imagine why anyone would opt to sit in a lecture to learn new information. And hence, this concept of eLearning has been enhancing at a very fast rate.

 Rebecca is a freelance writer, who often writes about Education related topics such as Knowledge management & transfer and Information mapping.

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