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Aromatherapy Case Study

Posted on: 2011-10-01 21:49:23


 I undertook this treatment to offer Aromatherapy service to one of my Chakra Meditation students,


 Miss X works in restaurant, in the kitchen area. She always needs to be on her feet. Working in this similar job for many years she is now suffering from pain in her feet mainly at ankle and heel areas.

 Even though she is on some meditation and seeing a physio on regular basis she expressed her interest to find if other alternative therapies can provide any  relief.

 I introduced her to the benefits of Aromatherapy using essential oils. I found her keen to have a go as she also loves the smells such as Jasmine, Rose and is quite aware of natural oils. She fixed her appointment with me and while doing so I discussed her likes & dislikes of smells, allergies, any other known/unknown health issues etc.

 Treatment for: Muscular pain nearer ankle & heel areas.

 Step 1:

 Miss X was expecting pain relief, energy & strength in her feet. In first few minutes I asked her to relax, allow her body to quiet and maintaining the natural rhythm of her breath allowing energy to flow smoothly & evenly. She was sitting on relaxation chair (massage chair).

 Giving her little time to settle and relax within room atmosphere, I did other preparation like blend of essential oils – Lavender & Rosemary using carrier oil Almond oil, arranging towels and some self-preparation.

 This exercise truly helped Miss X to become aware of her own body, slight movements of energy.  

 Step 2:

 Miss X was settled and feeling relaxed. I asked her to keep her feet on a wide foot-stool. I covered her legs with a clean towel leaving her ankles and feet unwrapped.

 I used Lavender & Rosemary oils because their properties giving relief to muscles and reducing muscular pain. Miss X also liked the smell which was most important to work therapy.

 I gently introduced blend on one foot at a time, gently but firmly with light strokes. I applied oil from the ankle to toes. Once both feet were wrapped in a thin layer of oil, I held my hand Cup shape at heel holding toe firmly. Then I did rotate the ankle 4-5 times clockwise and anti-clockwise, followed by toe 4-5 times clock & anti-clockwise, and later other one with same fashion. I noticed on Miss X’s face that she might have experienced a little pain but was feeling relaxed noticing her muscles are loosened.

 In next step I rotate my thumb making small circles (like 10p) at base of the both feet. I continued with massage, again warming up my hands with little blend of essential oils, with gentle massage from big toe to bottom of heel at ‘spine’ down the side of feet. Light circular movements on front of the foot, including ankles, were the last part of massage.

 At the end, I asked Miss X, to again focus on breathing taking her attention up to base of the feet channelizing life energy flow to balance circulation.

 I found a slight smile on Miss X’s face as result of feeling deeply relaxed and energised feet.


 I can see in this treatment  that the selection of essential oils and carrier oil was really a good combination making Miss X comfortable with smell and benefits produced by massage.

 Miss X  was truly pleased having comfort in her ankles and relief with muscular pain.

 She visited couple of times to have a further massage.

 Feedback: Miss X told me in recent days she is back on her feet with more comfort; and finds smoothness in her movements at work. She is seeing a significant difference as almost no pain (muscular) and ankles are just like springs giving energy to her movements .

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